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PhySoc, the University of St Andrews' Physics Society, was formed to promote the understanding and enjoyment of physics.

We achieve this through our wide range of events and with the strong community of PhySoc members and also students and staff from the school of physics and astronomy.

Throughout the year we run social events that in the past have included pub crawls, pub quizzes and creating ice cream with liquid nitrogen. We also host academic lectures from staff within the PANDA school that range from talks on radar to the functioning of galactic phenomena. 

Last year, we started insight, a non-academically focused podcast that gives a glimpse into lecturers and academics within St Andrews. We believe it to be a fantastic resource to learn a bit more about your lecturers and find out about their interests and the topics they're passionate about!

We annually host STAR in conjunction with other societies, chiefly AstroSoc.

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