Surgical Society offers students surgical workshops, talks, and culminates every year in our National Conference!

The University of St. Andrews Surgical Society would like to welcome all 20/21 incoming freshers! The society was established in 2009 and became recognised by the Student Union as an affiliated society in 2010. We arrange workshops to hone members' surgical skills throughout each semester, which include suturing, creating a surgical airway, theatre etiquette, and more. We also invite top class surgeons to the university to give presentations about cutting-edge research, their own surgical careers, and information on the pathway towards becoming a surgeon. Our society accepts both medics and non-medics, offering all students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the surgical field. Last year alone, we conducted over 10 talks and workshops! Our workshops included basic knot tying and suturing, ultrasound guided vascular catheterisation, cannulation, sebaceous cyst excision and many more. We also had the privilege of hosting renowned surgeons for our talks, including Professor Angus W. Wallace, who performed a life saving surgery in an airplane (as well as infamously took Wayne Rooney to the World Cup), and José Pedro Lavrador, neurosurgeon at King's College London, who lead the team operating on a violinist, whose video went viral on the internet. Additionally, we have been holding a National Conference every year since 2012, where students can try out a multitude of procedures and learn more about surgery through talks by various surgeons. Sadly, due to Covid-19, many of our upcoming talks, workshops, and our Conference, were unable to take place. However, we can't wait to come back this year! We hope you join us for what will certainly be a different, but nevertheless exceptional year with Surgical Society. We encourage students of all departments to join us in the 2020/21 academic year!





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