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Meet RockSoc! *epic guitar solo plays in background*

Because there’s no better way to introduce one of St Andrews’ oldest, loudest and best music societies. We’re a motley crew who share a fondness for all things rock, punk, metal, grunge, and everything in between. If you can headbang to it, we’ll play it. We routinely meet up on Thursdays (usually fortnightly) and rock the socks off Sandy’s Bar. We also regularly run themed club nights (does ‘Grrrl Power’ sound appealing?), jam sessions, live events, music quizzes and much more. So if this sounds like your cuppa, join us! Follow us on Facebook (RocSocStAndrews) or tune in to RockSTAR (Wednesdays, 10pm, on St Andrews Radio) for more details!

*epic guitar solo fades out*

Julie Kanya, Radio Officer


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