The Fine Food & Dining Society is for people who love food! We offer a diversified range of cooking classes and dining events throughout the year and other food-orientated events!

Fancy yourself a foodie? 

Then the Fine Food & Dining Society is the place for you. 

Our mission is to show students that you need not spend four years living off frozen pizza and tinned beans. Being in St Andrews means we are surrounded by farms, fresh seafood and an extraordinarily high number of local food shops per square foot. We want to show you how to take advantage of all this deliciousness. Founded in 2009 we quickly became one of the largest and most popular societies at the university. We are the largest University society, one of the most active and consistently union-acclaimed: we have won the award for Best Society twice. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services and events for the St Andrews food-enthusiast.


Cooking Classes

We seek to teach members about food and cookery by running weekly cooking classes taught by the student-run committee or by local chefs. Ever wondered how to fillet a fish? Spin sugar? To properly bake bread? Create gourmet Christmas gift? How to break down a pigeon? We can show you how! We make a point of catering to all levels of experience! Sign-ups will be open exclusively for members at Freshers' Fayre. In the evening sign-ups for non-members will go live on our website.

Dining Events

We believe that eating out is just an important part of living and that it should be affordable to do so. We organise dining events which are offered at student-friendly rates - and are further subsidised for our members - so we can take advantage of the hugely talented and diverse array of local chefs in Fife. Past events have included the murder mystery dinner and the boozy brunch with Hotel du Vin!

Since 2009 we managed to establish close ties with local businesses who became our sponsors. As a result, membership benefits include free or heavily discounted entry to all our events, along with discounts from our various sponsors shown below. 

* Luvian’s Bottle Shop: 10% off events, 7.5% off wine and beer 

* Zest Café: 10% off 

* Tailend, Seafood Restaurant: 10% off fresh fish 

* St Andrews Wine Company: 10% off wine, points on original sale price 

* IJ Mellis, Cheesemonger: 10% off, 20% off purchases over £20 

* Hotel du Vin: 15% off food and dining experiences 

* Jannettas Gelateria: 10% off Monday-Friday 

* Cook Central: 10% off 

* Rocca Deli: 10% off (excluding meal deal) 

* Minicks, Traditional Butcher: 10% off orders over £5 (excluding Christmas and Thanksgiving orders) 


Membership is a mere £15 for the whole year or £8 for a single semester. 

How to join?

You can sign up in person at Fresher’s fayre or online at any time by visiting our website . You will receive a membership card which you will have to show every time you want to use the discount.

Want to get involved in running the society?

Join the committee! If you want to learn what position are available and what they entail then message the committee through our Facebook page. 








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