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The University of St Andrews Catholic Society is open to all students within the university.

Membership to the society costs £5 (£3 during Freshers’ Week), which gives you a price reduction for specific events and allows you to vote in society meetings.

The society has very close ties with both the Catholic chaplaincy and the local parish church. The majority of its events are hosted at Canmore, the chaplaincy building. The chaplain, Fr Michael John Galbraith, is also the parish priest of the local parish. 

The chaplaincy is open to all staff and students at the university and is under the pastoral care of the archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh. Our society is led by students and aims to promote the Catholic faith throughout the University and provide a social setting for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. We attempt to achieve the first aim by inviting speakers to give talks on topics related to Catholicism. These talks are free to attend and are open to all who wish to listen. Past speakers have included Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Fr Christopher Jamison OSB and Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB, in addition to other less famous but equally insightful guests. To achieve our second aim, we hope to work closely with the Catholic chaplaincy to create a community where everyone is welcomed and valued. We host weekly Sunday Suppers, cooked by a different team of volunteers each week, as well as a variety of other social events.


Siobhan Patrick – President – sgp2

Sorcha Wood – Vice President – slmw2

Gen Turner – Secretary – gt53

Caleb Reynolds-Snell – Treasurer – crs26

Lisa Kamsickas – Social Rep – lk54

James Bundy – Media Officer – jb286

Kirsten Friedman – Publicity Officer – kf52

Nikki Prochko – Outreach Officer – vp39

Ben Norby – Assisting Officer – bn25

Dominic Jack – Assisting Officer – dwj4

Upcoming events

Freshers' Week:

Welcome BBQ – Sunday 9th September 6.15pm
St James Church Garden

Pub Crawl – Monday 10th September 7pm
St Andrews Brewing Company

Ceilidh – Tuesday 11th September 3pm
All Saints Church Hall

Wine and Cheese – Wednesday 12th September 7.45pm
Canmore Chaplaincy, 24 The Scores

Beach Games – Thursday 13th September 3pm
West Sands

Quiz – Friday 14th September 8pm
Canmore Chaplaincy, 24 The Scores

Coastal Walk – Saturday 15th September 10am
Meet outside St James Church

Sunday Supper – Sunday 16th September 6.15pm
Canmore Chaplaincy, 24 The Scores

All our freshers' week events are free, and all are welcome!


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