Argentine Tango

Argentine tango is a passionate, improvised dance that builds a connection between the dancers. At STAARTANGO you can attend our classes, workshops and social dances! Come and give tango a chance!



Have you watched "Dancing with the stars" or "Strictly Come Dancing"? If you have, then you have heard of the dance argentine tango! Although the actual dance in reality doesn't include tha much jumping around and theatrics, it is still one of the most passionate dances that builds an unique connection between the leader and the follower. Indeed, tango is social and improvised, there are no pre-steps planned routine, every dance is one of a kind. It is actually moe like a language that you learn to speak and each dance is a new and exsiting conversation! 

Here at STAARTANGO you can benefit from our members' great teaching, but also a variety of opportunities to attend workshops and social events in St Andrews and further afield. We are a very welcoming and sociable, so come along and give argentine tango a go!

A timetable is prepared every semester which includes lesson for beginners, followed by lesson for intermediates and practicas weekly, as well as milongas (social dances), usually held every forthnight. Sign up for our weekly newsletter for information about classes and events. 


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