With over 160+ affiliated societies, it's really important to make sure your society stands out! 


The Students' Association Design Team (SADT) is a Student Services Council (SSC) subcommittee, meaning that all matriculated students are automatically members!

The SADT committee hosts regular graphic design workshops in the Students' Association Design Suite (middle floor of the Union) and specialises in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a member, you can access all their workshops for FREE!

In addition to workshops, which are free for all students to attend, SADT does a lot of graphic design work for student societies and committees. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them if you're looking to rebrand your society, if you need help making a cover photo for an upcoming event you're hosting, or need ideas on how to better publicise your events throughout the academic year! 

Find out more about their experience in graphic design and how you too can become an experienced graphic designer by emailing sadt@st-andrews.ac.uk or checking out their website.



There are 6 PC's all with Adobe Creative Suite 6 and 2 printers (A3 colour and B&W A4) in the Design Suite of the Union that are accessible to all students.

If you require specialist printing such as tickets/wristbands or posters please email the Students' Association Design and Marketing Team via sadesign@st-andrews.ac.uk for more details.



All affiliated societies have access to their own society page on the societies section of the Union website.

Make sure to keep your society page up-to-date! You can upload your society constitution, add society contact details (i.e. email address & social media), and write a brief description about your society.

You can also publicise all your events on the Union events calendar, so make sure you add all your events throughout the year to get the word out!

Both your society page and the events calendar are really useful resources for students who don’t use social media (or even students on social media who want to find out more about your society) as well as prospective students!


Check out the Students' Association extensive handbooks for more information.