As a condition of affiliation to the Students' Association, we require that certain democratic standards are met. A general meeting is a way for society members to contol how their society is run, as such general meetings have to be open for all members to attend and we require that you must give 14 days' notice of any general meeting to your society memebrs and email to inform the Societies Committee.

Below are resources for running your society's Annual General Meeting (AGM) as well as any Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs).


Here's the process to running a general meeting:

Step 1: Calling your AGM/EGM.

You must give all society members at least 14 days' notice and notify them of the date/time/location of the general meeting. You must also circulate a list of available committee positions as well as give notice of any constitutional changes that will be made.


Step 2: Notify the Societies Committee about your upcoming AGM/EGM.

You must email with the details of your general meeting (date, time, location).


Step 3: Running your AGM/EGM.

It's no longer required that an Elections Officer/Advisor attends your AGM/EGM but the Societies Committee will send someone to your general meeting if you would like some help running the meeting or if you have any questions.

The General Meeting Guide can help guide you in how to run a general meeting and provides detailed information regarding what items must be addressed at general meetings, how to make changes to your society constitution, who is eligible to run for a committee position, and how to count single-transferable votes (STV). Please use this guide as a resource!

There is also an AGM/EGM Checklist, which must be signed and completed by the new society president and Treasurer, that helps guide you throughout the general meeting to ensure that the meeting is run smoothly and all necesary items of business are discussed.


4. Updating your Constitution.

For guidance on writing your society's constitution at the AGM, please see the Model Constitution.

If you would like us to look over your constitution, feel free to bring it to the weekly Societies Committee Officer Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar). 

Some important notes:

  1. The General Meeting must not have any admission charge.
  2. All members of the society must be notified of your society's General Meeting. 
  3. Only paid members of the society may vote in elections.
  4. Any paid ordinary member of your society may run for any position.
  5. To run for a position, a member must have paid membership before notice of the General Meeting was given to all members. Any person who has paid membership after notice of the General Meeting was issued is not eligible to vote in the society's elections. 
  6. Don't forget to re-approve your society's annual membership fee, President's report, and Treasurer's report!