Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Below are resources for running your society's Annual General Meeting (AGM). If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Societies Elections Officer on 

***note: All the same information and rules apply for EGMs (extrodinary general meetings) too.***

1. Calling your AGM/EGM.

The basic ground rules for calling your general meetings is that you must give your members 14 days notice.

For more guidelines on calling your AGM, check out page 5 of the Societies Handbook


2. Notify the Societies Committee about your AGM.

Just email socelect@ with the details of your AGM (date, time, location).



3. Running your AGM and the AGM checklist

It's no longer required that an Elections Officer/Advisor attends your E/AGM but we're happy to come along if you'd like some help running the meeting or help with any questions you may have.

The General Meeting Guide should also be able to answer any questions you may have. 

AGM Checklist: To make sure everything goes to plan, we have this easy AGM Checklist to follow. Please ensure your new President and Treasurer sign the checklist and hand it into Union reception. 

You must fill out a checklist for both EGMs and AGMs.


4. Updating your Constitution

For guidance on updating your society's constitution at the AGM, please see the Model Constitution. If you would like us to look over your constitution, feel free to bring it to the weekly Societies Office Hours (Mondays 4-6pm in Main Bar). 

Some important notes:

1. The General Meeting must not have any admission charge.

2. All members of the society must be notified of your society's General Meeting. 

3. Only paid members of the society may vote in elections.
4. Any paid ordinary member of your society may run for any position. 
5. To run for a position, a member must have paid membership before notice of the General Meeting is given to all members. Any person who has paid membership after notice of the General Meeting is issued is not eligible to vote in the society's elections. 
6. Don't forget to re-approve your society's annual membership fee, President's report, and Treasurer's report!