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Pool and Cue Sports

The go-to society for pool and cue sports.



Membership is only £3 for the entire year, including free pool every Tuesday at the Union from 8pm until late. Tuesdays are a great chance to play casual pool, enjoy a night out at the Union, and meet some great pool people. Tuition sessions and women’s pool runs every other week from 7pm until the start of Tuesday PoolSoc!

We also run tournaments throughout the year for all ability levels. Our singles tournament, the GD cup, runs every semester. Our doubles tournament (the DD cup) matches newer players with more experienced players in the society. The LF cup also runs for women in the society, so get involved. We run leagues throughout the year. The ladder tournament will run in first semester, welcoming new players, with the more regular games of pool league in semester two.

If you’re keen for another night of pool a week, we also have both an A-team and B-team playing in the local Fife pool league. This is an exciting introduction to more competitive pool, and a great opportunity to visit some local pubs and meet some real characters in the East Neuk.

PoolSoc is also affiliated with the AU, and competes in several BUCS events each year, including 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, and snooker. It’s a great opportunity to bond with pool people, and play against other universities in a competitive environment.

If you are interested, get in touch!


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