Raising awareness and funds for Anthony Nolan, a charity which aims to match people around the country to those who require bone marrow transplants.



We are a charitable society who aim to raise awareness of the charity Anthony Nolan. We help to raise money for Anthony Nolan via fundraisers such as pub quizzes and bake sales.

We also run clinics where we sign people up to be on a national 'Bone Marrow Register' which is used to match healthy people, to those who need a bone marrow transplant (often with blood cancer or other ilnesses). Clinics are a great way to get involved, volunteers help us to take information on health from people joining the register, and aid them to take saliva samples using swabs which are packaged up and sent off to join the register – the first step to being a life saver!

We are very popular with medics, but people from many degrees get involved with our society. We are currently looking for a couple of members to join our committee, but more importantly we are always looking for people to volunteer with us at fundraising events and clinics!

Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with when our clinics will occur throughout the semester, and request to join our Facebook group if you are interested in volunteering with us (a couple of hours every 2-3 weeks).

Look out for us at the Freshers' Fayre and Volunteering Fayre in September. We'll have lots of freebies and maybe even some baked goods!


Paid Memberships
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