The Employability Fund is a sum of money ring-fenced by the Students’ Association for distribution to any affiliated society of the Students’ Association with an idea for a careers-based or employability event. 

The money is awarded on a discretionary basis. The Director of Student Development and Activities, and the Director of Education coordinate the administration of this fund. 


- Money from the Employability Fund can be used to pay for events, marketing, travel or any further costs. 

- Events funded through the Fund are open to all students on an equal basis and follow Students’ Association Equal Opportunities Policy. 

- Money from the Fund cannot be used to pay for alcohol. 

- Original receipt and/or invoice need to be provided with any purchases. 

- Changes to an event after the fund is awarded may lead to changes in the funding, or even withdrawal of funding. For this reason, it is mandatory to notify dosda@ or doed@ of any change applied to the event (including date and location). 

- It is the normal expectation that events funded by the Employability Fund will make use of Association facilities, except where these are not available or suitable for the event. 

- Any member or members awarded funding may be expected to attend meetings with the Director of Student Development and Activities or the Director of Education at regular intervals before, during and after the project, in order to monitor progress and offer advice and support. 

- £200 will be the general maximum. Additional funds can be applied for but discretion of the entire funding body will be needed. 

- A written summary/report will be due on completion of the project. A deadline for this will be given by the Director of Student Development and Activities at the time that a grant is awarded. 

application process

To submit an application for the Employability Fund please click 'apply' below to log in and complete the form.

Please ensure you are applying a minumum of two weeeks prior to your event. 

The DoSDA or the DoEd will email to confirm receipt of your application within one week. 

Applications that progress are considered by the Director of Student Development and Activities, Director of Education and Students’ Association Management Accountant. This body can grant in full, offer a sum on loan, grant in part or request further information. 

Any enquiries regarding academic subject-based employability projects/events should be directed to the Director of Education, via .

Any enquiries regarding all other employability projects/events should be directed to the Director of Student Development & Activities, via .