Freshers' Week 2017

Freshers' Week 2017 is coming!

We are looking for Freshers' Week Volunteers! Find out more by emailing orient@.

We’re already so excited for Freshers' Week of 2017 and to welcoming you in September to Your Union. 

Orientation/Freshers' Week will run from the Saturday 9th September to Sunday 17th September. The Freshers Fayre will be held on Sunday 17th September. 


The Freshers' Fayre

The Freshers' Fayre will take place on the Sunday of Freshers' Week (17th September 2017) between 11am and 5pm. The vast majority of our affiliated societies will be there and keen to impress, so drop in and see the huge range of activities you can get involved in.  

Applications have now closed. Confirmation emails have now been sent. 

Deadline for this process was the 15th July 2017. 

If any student groups have questions please email Freshersweek@; external organisations should book through sadesign@. 


Affiliated Society Event Submissions

If your affiliated society is planning to put on an event, you must complete this form as soon as possible

This will place your event in the Univeristy App. 

The deadline for this form is the 15th July. If you require a room in the Students' Assocaition please email freshersweek@ - room booking requests will be dealt with in July. 


The Charitable and Volunteering Fayre

The Fayre will take place on Thursday 14th September between 11am and 1pm. 

The Charitable and Volunteering Fayre is coordinated by the Charities Campaign. All queries should be directed to Niamh McGurk on

To request a space please apply here

There will be a large number of affiliated societies, as well as some external organisations. St Andrews has a really active charitable and volunteering presence, so this is the perfect opportunity to see what you can get involved with. 


Freshers' Fund

The Freshers' Fund is money allocated to kick-starting societies activities at the start of the academic year - primarily being used to pay for Freshers' Week events. It is open to all affiliated societies and is given out at the discretion of the Director of Student Development and Activities.

The maximum amount given to any one society is £250. One budget form should be submitted for every individual event. 

Deadline for submission is the 15th July. You can find the application form here


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email Charlotte Flatley on