Your Union

Your Union - the building at the end of Market Street dedicated to Students. Your Union is changing, please bear with the redevelopment.

Latest News

Tania Strützel: Why The Union Matters To Me

The SRC Postgraduate Convenor discusses why she values her time spent at the Union.

That's Union Has Arrived!

The That's Union campaign is launching today! Your Union officers are working to increase your awareness and involvement with the Union.


Some things you should know about the Students' Associaton:

We are here for you, everything we do it for the benefit of our members - YOU. 

We are a charity registered in Scotland.

We are mostly volunteers - from the members of the SRC and SSC to the Ents Crew who run your events, all the society committee members to the Trustees of our Student Association Board

Every single penny we make through the bars, cafes, or shop we plough straight back in to Association to help fund the welfare support, activities, 150+ societies, and representation projects.

We are here to make the student experience as strong as it can be, to provide services you need and to represent your views to the University and beyond.