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The fresher’s guide to university

Nightline Awareness Week
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Week 7 is when the most deadlines are due. Amid all the stress and anxieties that surround deadlines and academic work, Nightline wants to make sure you know that they are here for you!

Interesting roads to drive on

Driving from A to B, be it the office, supermarket or gym, offers little more than routine and, in most cases, lots of congestion. This often engineers a feeling of apathy towards driving. Yet there’s more, much, much more. Many outstanding views and smooth rides are open to all without charge for the adventurous drivers amongst us.

Winter Warmers

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momondo launches case competition for students from around the globe

The global travel brand momondo launches TRAVELLENGE, an international Student Case Competition that aims to bring young talents from all over the world together to create new ideas for the rapidly growing digital travel industry. A certified Master Class, 5000 EUR and a unique chance to network with marketing professionals is all up for grabs for the successful teams.

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